Welcome to ECOMO

ECOMO sells used secondhand smartphones, mobile phones and tablets.
We offer valuable items cheaper than anywhere.

About handled items

The products of our shop are new and second hand goods.
We make the following promises so that customers can purchase with peace of mind.

Warranty period is one month

Within one month we will exchange a full refund, or an equivalent item. * In translation items · junk items will be out of warranty coverage.

Cleaning and cleanliness

It is clean because it uses a special cleaner. Please leave it to cleaning professional.


We have a large quantity in stock everyday.

There are many bargains that I could not find anywhere else.

Good goods cheaper than anywhere

We review the price every day in order to get satisfied by our customers.


Sell the phone you no longer use

ecomo, we purchase it at high prices such as smartphones, mobile phones, and tablets that are no longer used. Please contact us.

Find out more

Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions. I will answer the staff with sincerity.

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