What is ECOMO’s ECO…?

The word ECO comes from two English words.
One is 「Ecology」the other one is 「Economy」

Ecology is the field that studies the interrelationship between organisms and their relationship to their surrounding environment.
In recent years, environmental destruction and pollution problems have surfaced, and the term has become a term used to

The term 'Economy' refers to the wealth or resources of a region, particularly the production and consumption of goods and services.
This includes the study of intermarket relationships and their associated theorem such as that of 'demand and supply'.

Eco is the coexistence of the environment and the economy.
Our environment is essential to our survival. If we do not take care of our environment, many aspects of our lives will suffer, including, eventually, our economy.
High economic growth has been linked to problems in Japan, such as air and water pollution.

When we thought about what we could do to live in harmony with the natural environment, our focus turned to the re-use and recycle of existing mobile phones and smartphones.
Mobile phones and smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives, often replaced within 3 to 4 years, even if they are still usable.

Here at ECOMO, we believe that reusing these discarded mobile phones is an eco-friendly solution. We have such, created a place to offer these used mobile phones directly to our customers.
When providing used mobile phones, we assess each device and ensure all previous data on the device is completely deleted before reselling,
to allow for a smooth purchase experience.
Previous data on a used device cannot be restored.
This is one of the ways we are able to provide excellent service in our industry.
Since the second-hand mobile phone market is in the process of growth however,
it is necessary for all used mobile phone companies to work together to develop the market instead of competing with competitors.
ECOMO has started selling through major online marketplaces such as Rakuten, Amazon and ebay. We have exceeded 3,000 reviews. Based on the customer's review, we are redefining ECOMO's ECO, and we are working to make it a better site through continuous updates.

Order ~ Shipping

Order ~ Shipping

After ordering, we will email you specific steps detailing how your order will be shipped.

1. Confirm order

We will confirm your order and prepare it.
*Please note, we do not ship on Saturdays and Wednesdays, but we will respond to product shipping and inquiries within the two business days.

2. Second inspection

We inspect the product twice, first when it is received and again before we ship it out to you.
Our qualified inspection staff will check everything carefully.
We inspect each product to check features such as whether it can be charged or started up,
whether the touch panel is operable and whether the sound is crackling.

3. Product cleaning

After the inspection, if there is no problem, we will clean the device and prepare it for shipment.
We carefully clean each unit based on thorough our cleaning instructions which is check for scratches and dirt using a cleaning method specific to the device.
A lot of customer reviews say it was cleaner than expected.

4. Carefully packed

After inspection and cleaning, we start packing.
To prevent damage to the product, we wrap item with bubble wrap.
After wrapping, prepare cardboard that fits the shape of the product so that it does not move in the box, and fix it with tape.
After packing, we ship by Sagawa Express.
It is possible to specify delivery, so please let us know your preference.
※The delivery date may be delayed due to transportation problems or bad weather.
In addition, delivery may be delayed for far away ・ remote islands.
Thank you for your understanding.


We will continue to improve our wesites based on our customers' compliments and advice that "it's better to do this" and so on.





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