About our 3 Month Warranty

ECOMO offers a 3-month full warranty to our customers after purchase.
We do not issue a written warranty, however we manage this offering via purchase records.
If you have question about your warranty, please email us at order@eco-mo.net

Warranty Details

Where the warranty is applicable, for 3 months from the date of purchase, exchanges and refunds will be provided.
Please check whether the warranty is applicable to your item prior to purchase.


Not rechargeable・power failure
Network failure with the carrier's SIM(except goods on display)
No button response

Spontaneous failure may not be covered by the warranty.
Please check the warranty exclusions below for details.

Not covered by warranty

Defective products・'junk' rated items are not covered by a warranty.
Battery life; the remaining amount and swelling are not covered by the warranty.
If purchase history cannot be provided nor established at this shop, or after request from a third party.
Poor connections due to network environment problems.
Returns and exchanges owing to change of mind.
Malfunction caused by the customer whether intentionally or unintentionally, including modification, handling, or improperly use.
After contacting us within the warranty period, we are unable to contact you or the product is not returned.
(Please be sure to ship your product within one week of contacting us. Anything after that will not be accepted. )
If you contact us after the end of the warranty period
When a malfunction occurs due to an external factor such as a natural disaster or an accident.
Manufacturer's issue, (please contact the manufacturer)
There is no issue present upon inspection.
Unable to used by a 3G contract or a 4G (LTE) contract
New contract processing fee, model change, repair fee
Malfunction or damage caused to a device that has been repaired or modified by an unauthorized contractor.
All data in the defective product(Including wallet mobile)
Downloaded applications, music, videos, games, and other content.
Applications or OS updates after purchased and installed them.
Third time using the warranty within the warranty period.
Repair or exchange at an Apple Store or mobile carrier.
Damages guaranteed by other guarantee systems or insurance systems.
If the customer is unable to cooperate to confirm items or required information in the carrier shop.
Malfunction or failure due to use of equipment other than those specified by the carrier shop or manufacturer.

Locked Smartphonne (Red ROM) lifetime warranty

Locked Smartphonne (Red ROM)・Initial failure
If the used mobile phone sold at our store has usage restrictions or a network disabled "✖️" In the case of initial failure, regardless of the warranty period, we will replace it with an equivalent product or refund it. Click here for information on Red ROM ・ lifetime warranty for initial defects. → Locked Smartphonne (Red ROM) and lifetime warranty for initial defects

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