Goods condition

At the used smartphone and tablet specialty store ECOMO, we determine grades based on RMJ.
Many other companies have grade c products that are equivalent to grade B products at Ecomo.
Defective products・'junk' graded items are not covered by warranty.

Grade S (As New/ Unused)

As New/ Unused
The box may have an open seal, but the product has not been used.

For unused Flip Phone items, power check and initialization work has being done.
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  • Grade S
    Brand New unused items may come with accessories.
  • Grade S
    Even if the accessories don't come with the item, if the item is unused,
    we define it as brand new and unused.
  • Grade S
    Brand New unused items may come with only the main mobile body.

Used・Grade A (Excellent condition used/ Almost Brand New)

Excellent condition with almost no show signs of use. Used items in very good condition, such as unused items with just the LCD protective film removed.
There may be 1-2 inconspicuous scratches on the body, but no scratches on the screen.
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  • Used・Grade A
    Almost no showing no signs of use. (Including exterior replacement parts)
  • Used・Grade A
    Device with almost no scratches or signs of wear.
  • Used・Grade A
    There may be 1-2 inconspicuous scratches on the body, but no scratches on the screen.

Used・Grade B (Excellent used/ Very good conodition)

Showing signs of use, but still in very good condition.
No noticeable scratches or paint chips, may show signs of general wear over time.
Products which may have one inconspicuous scratch on the screen, or no scratches on the screen will fall under this category.
Please check the product name and description to see if it is equipped with accessories.
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  • Used・Grade B
    There are scratches and wear on the device, but overall, it's in good condition.
  • Used・Grade B
    Light small scratches may be visible across the surface
  • Used・Grade B
    Paint chips and general signs of wear and tear showing on the corners.
    Other than that, the device is in good condition.

Used・Grade C (Moderately used / Good condition )

Grade C is a used device that shows moderate signs of use. There may be noticeable scratches on the device and the exterior paint may be chipped or peeling.
Aside from this cosmetic wear and tear, the device still has full function.
Please check the individual product description to see if it is sold with accessories.
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  • Used・Grade C
    Marks over the display and buttons
  • Used・Grade C
    Scratches and paint peeling on both the front and the back, showing visible signs the device has been used.
  • Used・Grade C
    Waterproof mobile phone cover is missing. (Waterproof function cannot be used)

Used・Grade D (Heavily used / some issues)

Grade D devices have been used heavily and may exhibit noticeble scratches and wear on the exterior paint.
Damage may exist to the liquid crystal and body, including dents. Aside from noticeable damage to the exterior, there is no issue with the phone's functionally.
Please check the product description to see if it is sold with accessories.
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  • Used・Grade D
    Yellowing of the terminal is very noticeable
  • Used・Grade D
    The device has been submerged, however it is still functional
  • Used・Grade D
    Noticeable discoloration to the display

Used・Defective Products

No issue of function, but there are one or more of the following issues, so it will be categorized as a defective product.
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※ If any of the following apply, it is a defective product.

  • ・Unable to charge or power on.
  • ・The battery is damaged or swollen, and the phone casing has separated
  • ・The cover of the SIM/SD card or battery cannot be closed due to physical damage.
  • ・Each button is defective (cannot be used).
  • ・The main mobile body has submersion reaction.
  • ・Unable to use the earphone jack.

Used・'Junk' rated products

Unable to perform normal functions
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※ If any of the following attributes apply, the device is a 'junk' rated product.

  • ・the device is customized or has been decorated by the previous owner
  • ・damage is present to the main body of the device, which affects its operation or function.
  • ・The device is unable to charge, or power on.
  • ・The battery is damaged or swollen, and the phone casing cannot be closed.
  • ・The display does not appear as expected. Shadows and/or lines appear on the display, uneven backlight etc.
  • ・PIN is not initialized.
  • ・The administrator has been locked out.
  • ・2G mobiles
  • ・There is no Technical Conformity Mark on the overseas version of the terminal.
  • Used・'Junk' rated products
    Damage to the main body is present which affects operation of the device
  • Used・'Junk' rated products
    The device contains custom decoration.
  • Used・'Junk' rated products
    The battery is damaged or swollen, and the casing of the phone cannot be closed.


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