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Product ordering method

Thank you for using the Recycle Mobile Shop ECOMO.
EOCOMO sells electronic devices such as used smartphones and tablets.
We would like to introduce how to find and purchase products at ECOMO so that you can find the products you want!

3 ways to seach our website to find products

① Search by keyword
If you know the name of the product you are looking for, you can search by entering it in the keyword search.
You can search not only by product name, but also by manufacturer such as "SHARP" or "Apple".
You can also search by product status.
If you are looking for a product in very good condition, you can search for "A rank" and only A rank products will be displayed.
Please checkrankfor the condition of the product.

② Search by item
If you have a general idea of ​​what you are looking for, you can use the search by item function.

③ Search by new arrivals
You can see the latest information on products purchased by ECOMO.
We introduce a wide range of products, from products that have arrived in large quantities to products that have received as a single unit.
In addition, information useful for products is posted on ECOMO News, so you can find the product that suits you best.
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In addition to the products that have arrived, we will announce discounted products on the ECOMO official Twitter. We recommend following us on X(twitter) to purchase products at a great price!
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If you become a member of the mail magazine, you will receive the latest arrival status and popular product information, so please check it out.
▶︎ How to become a mail magazine member

When you find the product you are looking for, you can add it to your cart on the product page.
Items in the cart can be purchased by you can proceeding to the purchase page.
Items in the cart will stay there while you continue to browse the website.

How to order
Click the 'Add to Cart' button and proceed to the purchase page.
If you want to purchase other products, after adding a product to the cart, click the "Return to shopping" button to see other products.
You can view items in your cart by clicking on the 'cart' button in the upper right.

Purchase procedure method
When you proceed to the purchase page, you will see the order information input screen.
Fill in the delivery address and desired delivery date, and then proceed to the payment screen.
In addition to payment by credit card, you can choose bank transfer or cash on delivery.
Your order will be delivered by Sagawa Express.
After completing all entries, proceed to the confirmation screen.

If the information is incorrect, the product will be delayed, so please review all of your details.
Please check the confimation email after ordering.

Also, if you become an ECOMO member, after logging in, the purchase procedure will be easier.
By becoming a member, you get points with every purchase and you can use them towards your next purchase.

▶︎ About ECOMO members


Payment methods can be selected from credit card, convenience store payment, cash on delivery, bank transfer (prepayment), Orico shopping loan (30,000 yen or more).

【Credit card】
Available for installment payment and revolving payment.
Customers' credit card information is encrypted for security purposes.
Also, if you register your credit card information when you register as a member, it will make shopping easier from the next time.

【Cash on Delivery】
Make the payment at the time of deliverly.
You can select a delivery company for each product.
When receiving the product, pay in cash to the driver of the courier service. Please note, a cash on deliverly fee will be charged by the courier service.

Less than 10,000 JPY: 330 JPY
10,000 JPY or more to less than 30,000 JPY: 440 JPY
30,000 JPY or more to less than 100,000 JPY: 660 JPY
100,000 JPY to less than 300,000 JPY: 1,100 JPY

【Convenience store payment (number system)】
Available at major convenience stores (7-Eleven, Lawson, FamilyMart, Seicomart)
Payment deadline is one week from the date of receiving the order
If we cannot confirm the payment from the customer within one week, the order will be cancelled.
After confirming the payment, we will contact you to confirm the payment.

【Bank Transfer】
Bank transfer is an advanced payment. After confirming payment, we will prepare your shipment.
Transfer fee is paid by the customer.

【Orico Shopping Loan】
Orico shopping loan⇒ After selecting, fill out your information in accordance to the guidance sent from our company.
After the loan examination and the contract are completed, we will shipped your order within 2 business days.

About Delivery

【Delivery date】
We accept orders and inquiries all year round.
We do not ship on Saturdays, but we ship on Sundays and public holidays.
Arrival may be delayed depending on the status of the shipping company.

【Shipping Method】
Delivered by Sagawa Express
Cash on delivery, orders for multiple units, specified date and time, and orders for large items will be delivered by courier service.
※It may be shipped directly from an external affiliated warehouse.
Details will be sent to you in your order confirmation email.

【Delivery to Overseas】
We do not do international shipping.

【Shipping Fee】
Nationwide flat rate:0JPY 
※ For remote islands, it takes about 6 days from the date of shipment.

- We do not accept cancellations after the product has been shipped.
The estimated shipping date is shown in your 'order receipt' email.

Sales Tax

Sales tax rate : 10%
Sales tax calculation : Sales tax is calculated for each product
Sales tax calculation : Sales tax is calculated for each product
Consumption tax less than 1 yen: Round off

Returns (refund/exchange)

Returns (refund/exchange) ※We do not accept exchanges or refunds due to change of mind. For returns and exchanges within the warranty period, please be sure to contact our store before you send goods. If you send it without contacting us, we will not accept it.
※Remaining amount and swelling of the battery are not covered by the warranty.
※Defective products・'junk grade' items selected on the website are not covered by the warranty.

3 months warranty from product purchase date

■Exchange/refund due to defects in products

If the product mulfunctioned during the warranty period, we will replace it with a product of equal value if it is in stock, or we will refund your money.
For details ➤ 3 months warranty and locked smartphone (or red rom phone) lifetime warranty

3 months warranty from product purchase
※We only accept exchanges twice
Available period

Contact us within 30 days after receiving the product
Return shipping fee

Borne by our shop
Resending cost

Borne by our shop
Refund amount

Full refund


Not covered by warranty even within the warranty period
1)Malfunction or damage due to modification (disassembly, decoration, etc.) by the customer after purchase
2)If the malfunction is caused by a device other than this product
3)If there is damage due to physical impact after purchase, submersion due to flooding, water leakage, or pressure damage
4)After 3 or more replacements

■Exchange/refund for change of mind

We do not accept returns for change of mind

※ Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer
※ Transfer fees and cash-on-delivery fees are the responsibility of the customer and are not refundable.

■ Refund/exchange contact

We will reply to your refund request within 2 business days.
■ Return address

Zip code 106 - 0031

Addrress: 6F Nishiazabu Annex BLD,
3-20-16 Nishiazabu,
Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0031
Companey name:
Creagency Co. Ltd. ECOMO Division
Public safty commussion: Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission
Second-hand dealer license number: No. 301111806544
■ Notes on refunds and exchanges

We do not accept returns for change of mind.
Please be sure to contact us before sending any returns or exchanges within the warranty period.
If you send it without contacting us, we will not accept it.

About Locked Smartphone Warranty (Red ROM) ✖→ Mobile carriers have imposed usage restrictions so that communication is not possible even if a SIM card is inserted due to unpaid, theft, or fraud etc.
We use the symbols 〇 and △ to determine network usage restrictions.
〇→ Completed payment to the carrier
△→The carrier has outstanding debts, there are network usage restrictions.
If usage restrictions or ✖ judgments occur after purchasing a used mobile phone from our shop,
regardless of the warranty period, we will either replace the product with a similer quarity item or refund your money.


  • 3月カレンダー
  • 4月カレンダー

■ Business dayOur shipping department is closed on Saturdays and Wednesdays, but we accept inquiries and orders 7 days.

■ Bussiness Hours10:00 a.m. - 04:00 p.m.
Our shipping department does its best, we appreciate your understanding.
We respond to all inquiries via email.

■ Shipping companyCreagency Co.Ltd.

■ NotificationWe will respond to product shipments and inquiries within two business days.

If you do not hear from us regarding your inquiry, or if you do not receive your product after placing your order, please contact us here.